Reignite Your Resilience

The online course for entrepreneurs who want to enjoy the ‘inner journey’ of being self-employed (warts and all!)


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There's no doubt self-employment is one rollercoaster ride of a journey!

Exhilarating. Exhausting. Fantastic. Frustrating.

Working for yourself can be all of those things, and that’s just over the course of one day!

We like to think that when the going gets tough, we dig deeper, but when you’re ‘in’ it, it's not always that easy, is it? 

The reality can be something more like this...

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You try something

You get stuck

You feel overwhelmed

You give up (or the urge to, is strong)

You feel rubbish

The cycle repeats (over and over).

Exhausting isn't it?

And not quite what was imagined when you dreamt of being your own boss!

And so no wonder, business begins to feel like an uphill struggle, and thoughts of 'I'm just not cut out for self-employment!' begin to creep in.

The truth is - you are cut out for self-employment, and this course can help you realise your innate resilience, in ways that may actually surprise you.

What would it be like for self-employment to feel less frustrating, and more fulfilling, satisfying and joyful... matter what the circumstances?


Reignite Your Entrepreneur Resilience:

The Online Course For Entrepreneurs

who want to enjoy the journey of self-employment (warts and all!) 

What would it be like to...?

  • Finish what you start and be more of a consistent ‘completer finisher’.

  • Stop the urge to ‘give up’ every time something feels too hard.

  • Feel less overwhelmed and instinctively know how to move yourself forward.

  • Make real progress in your business and feel like you're really getting somewhere.

  • Be less derailed by negative thinking so you feel more productive and there's more 'flow' to your day. 

  • Understand the source of your own resilience, confidence and peace of mind, and how to reside there more often.

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What's included in this course?

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Watch: Videos

Five bitesize videos designed to be consumed like you're watching a film, no note taking required. Just relax, enjoy and let these new ideas absorb into you naturally.

You can also download as audios and listen to while out walking or driving. 


Listen: Mindset Shift Audio

As a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, I know the best shifts in mindset come when you get quiet, and feel relaxed. This audio will help you do just that, and all you need to do is notice what begins to feel pleasantly different in your work and everyday life. That's the exciting bit!

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Do: Worksheets

Two PDF worksheets you can work through at your own pace. These are great if you want to get a bit more practical and have some strategies, tools and techniques to hand that can be used over and over and each time learn something new about yourself. 

Your investment

£100 (GBP)

This gives you immediate, and lifetime access to the course, including any future updates and improvements.  

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Meet your guide

Hello, I’m Sarah Swanton, and one of the reasons I set up Happy Healthy Entrepreneur is this...

I believe the world needs happier healthier entrepreneurs doing good, and making positive, meaningful and worthwhile contributions to society, so we can all feel a bit happier, and connected to one another as a human race.

That's the world I want to live in. 

But far too many people leave self-employment because they burn out or they find it too hard, or they think they are not cut out for it. That’s not OK, is it?

And so with that in mind, I've designed the Reignite Your Entrepreneur Resilience course to help you not only stay on your self-employment journey, but also enjoy it, and feel like you are making real progress in your business, no matter what the obstacles are. 

What others have said about working with me...

  • “Sarah is incredibly supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental. I particularly loved how she didn't allow me to frame anything as a "failure", and was very focused on highlighting the positives, which I think is really important for those of us who hold ourselves to often too-high standards.”

    Founder of Selling From The Heart

  • “Sarah is a fantastic support for any entrepreneur who is looking to get over mental, business performance or emotional blocks. What I liked about working with Sarah is that she understands entrepreneurs so well and her support is fully solution focused, helping you work constructively towards what you want to achieve, rather than delving into why you feel "damaged" or unable to breakthrough your own barriers. Superbly helpful!”

    The Geek Whisperer

  • “Sarah is amazing, so calm and insightful and a very skilled hypnotherapist - Sarah transformed me from feeling really wound up and frustrated to calm, strong and inspired. ”

    Founder of Inner Mind Therapies

Questions You May Have

What's your background and training?

I'm a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist & Coach and have worked with people on a one-to-one basis and in group settings. I'm delighted to now bring all of that into creating a range of online courses that are not only specific and focused, but also affordable too. For a list of all my training, see here. 

How much time do I need to commit to this?

One of the problems I see with online courses is that people start them, and don't finish them. 

I knew that in creating online courses for people, it needed to be three things: specific, bitesize, and affordable. 

To me, learning is a natural, instinctive process and happens to us when we relax, let go and enjoy.

Therefore I've designed this course to be less about note-taking, and long 'to do' lists of action points, and more about 'osmosis learning' where you engage with the videos and audios, rather like enjoying a good film. Then it's about going out into the world and noticing what feels easier now, or pleasantly different.

Is there a live element to this course or 100% online?

This is designed as 100% online, take it at your own pace, in your own way type of course. 

As you go through, you are very welcome to contact me and let me know how you're getting on though, I'm happy to hear from you.

I don't see myself as an 'entrepreneur' but I do work for myself. Is this for me?

Yes, if you're in business for yourself, this course is for you. In fact, I almost want to say 'if you're a human being, this course is for you!'. 

I use the word Entrepreneur as more of an umbrella term if you like: Coach, Therapist, Consultant, Tech Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Solopreneur, Creative, Author.

Entrepreneurs and human beings from all walks of life are welcome :-)

Still have a question or want to clarify something? No problem. Drop me a line to and I'll be happy to answer anything for you.