The Effortless Path To Success

Group Mentoring and Coaching Programme

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What would success look like to you?

Working less hours, with more time for a life outside of work?

Having a healthier body, whether that means losing a few pounds or managing a health condition?

Finally getting that business off the ground?

Having a loving, gentle, and kind relationship with your partner?

Living a quiet, peaceful life - without the drama?

...and what do you think gets in the way of that?

Ever get the sense the way you're been going about it, isn't working?

If the answer is yes, I know it's not from a lack of effort.

(In fact, I bet it feels like you've tried everything, right?)

Maybe not quite everything...

Two years ago, (quite by accident) I came across an insightful understanding of how the mind works, that literally changed the lens through which I saw the world. This was after 10 years of studying and working in the world of personal development, but this trumped everything! 

Not only that, but I saw how it could change the lens for other people too (not just some but all humans - 7.7 billion of us!). 

It turns out there are just two valuable things in this world a human being can know, that will fundamentally improve their experience and quality of life (no matter what their circumstances).

Your mind only works one way: inside>out

You have an inbuilt design for success

 ...and the implications of seeing that insightfully, for yourself, are life changing - from the inside out. 

  • “I have so enjoyed Sarah's programme and it had such an impact on my life. I just feel much more relaxed, I definitely stress less than I did before and I feel more present - without the worry of the future or the past. I feel liberated of my fears and unhelpful thoughts. Sarah is a wonderful coach, in her programme she created very safe environment where we all were supported and well looked after. ”

    Founder of Oliven

  • “My thinking has changed completely and the way that I approach my day and the development of my business. I am amazed by how such simple tools can make a huge impact. Thank you Sarah for all your support and I will be recommending your programme to others.”

    Founder of The Umbrella Tree

  • “Sarah's insightful programme has allowed me to step back from my thoughts, and helped make a 'step change' to my habitual thinking patterns. She delivers the information in a thoughtful, calm and supportive manner, which allows for valuable self-reflection time. I'm so pleased I followed my instincts to sign up! and I look forward to working further with Sarah in the future. Many thanks - you've been a lovely and supportive guide to me, and everyone on the programme, and we've all learnt and benefited by being in a small group.”

    Founder of Landhaus Lilly

  • “Sarah gently steered us through the topics with insight and good humour. I came away from the evening discussions with some much needed headspace and trust in my own instincts and capabilities to let things play out naturally. Hearing from others in the group on the challenges they have faced, or were anticipating, was really enlightening. So much struck a chord and I look forward to reconnecting with the group in a few months’ time.”

    Freelancer - publishing

Introducing The Effortless Path To Success Programme

How to enjoy creating the success and results that matter to you (no matter what the circumstances)

- Six Live Group Calls - 

Starting Tuesday 12th Feb 2019 we gather together weekly for a call via Zoom. The first three weeks you'll learn all about the principles behind effortless success. Previous participants have said it's a wonderful calm space to sit back, reflect, and allow themselves to be impacted.

During weeks four and five, you'll have the opportunity to receive 1:1 coaching within the group. Bring anything you like to the table. If you prefer to sit quietly and listen to others being coached, that's okay too. Lots of insights and 'aha' moments happen when listening to others having their own realisations. 

For our sixth and final week, we come together one month on. By which point, you'll have had time for this understanding to reach the parts it's needed to, and you can enjoy reflecting on what's now changed or feels pleasantly different. 

Have to miss a week? Don't worry, all calls will be recorded, and you'll get access to them the next day.


- Here's what we'll explore -

1. Tues 12 Feb 2019: You have an inbuilt design for success plus Q&A

2. Tues 19 Feb: Your mind only works ONE way plus Q&A

3. Tues 26 Feb: Given 1 + 2 what are the implications (aka happy side effects) for you - of knowing this stuff?

4. Tues 5 March: Laser 1:1 coaching sessions

5. Tues 12 March: Laser 1:1 coaching sessions

6. Tues 9 April: One month on! We come together as a group, and chat about insights, realisations you've had and what now feels pleasantly different for you. 

Calls are 1pm-2pm (GMT)

- Facebook Community - 

Now, if Facebook were a house party, you'd find us in the kitchen! This group provides a quieter, calmer space for you to pause, reflect, ask questions and share any insights as you move through this transformative programme. 

Here, you'll meet like-minded, thoughtful and reflective folk who are on a similar path to you, and you'll realise you're not alone as you become part of a community of people who are all looking in the direction of a happier, healthier and successful life.  

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Your investment

The Effortless Path To Success coaching and mentoring programme is £250 which you can choose to pay either in full, or two payments (at no extra charge).

This gives you access to all the masterclasses, Q&A, personalised one to one coaching in a group setting (on any topic you choose), as well access to responsive and regular support via our private Facebook community.  

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Meet your guide

Hello, I’m Sarah Swanton and I'm a coach, podcaster, and co-founder of a recruitment and consulting company with my husband, Ben. 

I know first hand what it's like to operate from a place of stress, worry, overwhelm and even burnout. But since coming across this inside-out understanding of how the mind works (taught in this programme), I now have an entirely different way of experiencing business, life, and relationships.

Of course, I'm human and still have my 'moments' but I now find myself operating much more from a place of clarity, resilience, and a quiet mind - no matter what's happening on the outside! 

...and in the spirit of things feeling 'easy' there are no tools, techniques or strategies to try and learn here...

just a willingness to listen and engage with an open and curious mind and you'll be amazed how things can change incredibly quickly without even trying. (I know, sounds weird right?!)

Have questions or want to clarify something? Drop me a line to and I'll be happy to answer anything for you.