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Want A Strategy To Stop Procrastinating? (Don't ask Google for the answer!)

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You're sitting at your desk with a list of stuff to get through. At some point, you notice you've gone off track and spent the morning busy doing 'stuff' but the real stuff (the stuff you really wanted to get done) remains largely untouched. 

And now frustration kicks in because that means you'll have to make up the time later when you'd much rather be sitting in the garden with a glass of something nice, or watching Netflix, or actually, just getting to bed on time! 

So, what to do...

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Why You Don't Have To Feel Great To Do Great Stuff

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This week, I thought it might be useful to say a few words about sleep or lack of sleep! 

Here in the UK, it's almost got the point where we wake up each morning expecting it to be fine sunshine and warm weather during the daytime; but with that, of course, comes warm, muggy nights which can really play havoc with getting a good restful nights sleep. Whether you're on holiday or are working, it doesn't feel ideal if you've spent most of the night tossing and turning and...

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How To Spot Entrepreneur Isolation (and why your bank balance needs you to!)

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Entrepreneur isolation.

It’s a topic that needs to be talked about regularly because all of us are susceptible to it, and of course, the repercussions of it if left to go on too long, is very real.

It can lead to feelings of demotivation, despondency, and eventually, can contribute to depression. 

But it's not just your emotional health that suffers, it's your bank balance too. And here's why. 

When we talk about entrepreneur isolation, what we’re really talking about is...

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It's Not Just Kids Who Tell Fibs (entrepreneurs do it too!)

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How many times have you sent an important email or text to someone, expecting a quick reply and when it doesn’t come, think to yourself: why haven’t they replied? I've said the wrong thing! They don't like me/want to work with me!

And of course, because we start thinking like that, we might feel some anxiety coming on, or even get cross or irritable when we think about that person.  Before we know it, we’ve had an entire conversation with them... in our head!


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Blog Post: How Burnout Can Happen (even if you love being an entrepreneur)

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Perhaps you left the world of corporate to go and start up your own business? Maybe you left corporate life because it burned you out?

Yet low and behold, that familiar feeling is creeping in again, and you think but how can this be burnout, I'm finally doing something I love!?

Here's the thing with burnout - it doesn’t discriminate between those who are worked to the ground and hate dislike what they do and those who love what they do so much, that they could happily work...

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The problem what's the point? (and other things we say)

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If you've ever listened to The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast, or you receive my weekly newsletter, you'll often hear me talk about how the entrepreneurial journey is one big old rollercoaster ride - full of ups and downs, and twists and turns.

What you'll also hear me say is that the rocky ride is all quite normal and expected; and actually, the closer we can sail to the reality of that, the less likely we are to feel frustrated, fed up, or disappointed when things don't go our way....

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Feel Like Giving Up? This may help...

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Do you get those days where you just feel like giving up?

Where everything feels really hard and you think to yourself, I'm just not cut out for this! 

It could be about something technical that's proving too difficult, or earning enough money to cover the bills each month, or even trying to juggle running a business alongside having a family. It can leave people feeling really frustrated, or even sad. Frustration is a strong emotion.

Maybe you go and eat something (that you're not...

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Permission To Take A Load Off!

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There's a scene in Pretty Women where Vivian (Julia Roberts) tells Edward (Richard Gere) to 'take a load off'.

Now, maybe she thought he was wearing too many layers, or perhaps her invitation was to chill out because as CEO of his own company, he was behaving a little stressed out and busy. 

Have you noticed that as business owners, we're very good at adding more to our To Do List? We fill our weeks with so much stuff!

We don't notice it at first, we think we're helping ourselves. 'if I...

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Blog Post: Dealing with disappointment and setback (the story of my week!)

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I felt the pop in my calf and instantly knew something was wrong. Minutes earlier I'd been happily hitting a tennis ball over the net, and now I was hobbling about in agony. 

It was a sprain in my calf muscle, and little did I know that my mode of transport, for now, would be...a shiny new pair of crutches. That wasn't in the plan for this week?

Derailed. Somewhat. 

So what happens when things don't go to plan? When we get thrown a few curveballs we weren't expecting, yet the...

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Blog Post: Focus On The Process, Not The Outcome

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I've been reading George Kao's book Joyful Productivity, and I really like this quote: "If you focus on the process, you are more likely to attain the outcome."

I like it because as business owners, I think we sometimes (quite innocently) focus our attention in the wrong direction. We focus on: 
- Having enough money in our every month; 
- A diary full of clients;
- Every place sold on our online course;
- Having a best seller on Amazon;
- Losing weight.

Although these are all...

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