When You Stay Small, Others Miss Out On Your BRILLIANCE (and that's not OK)

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When you stay 'small' others miss out on your brilliance, did you know that? No one is a winner when that happens.

When Catherine Robson of Big Pip Marketing and I put our heads together last week and compared notes on a Facebook live, we realised that FOPYOT (fear of putting yourself out there) is a thing - and that, quite frankly, is not OK, because we don't want to that to be a thing! 

Too many brilliant, talented, creative, and thoughtful entrepreneurs are not being seen, heard or listened to because they are experiencing FOPYOT. 

The world needs everyone to contribute, not just the few who've cracked it - everyone! 

So, I have two bits of good news for you this week: the first is that The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast is back, in fact, Series 1, Episode 1 is already published and you can catch it here on this blog post or via Apple Podcasts. 


The second bit of good news is that on the podcast, I discuss this very topic, and offer up some fresh new thoughts designed to generate perspective, insight, and possible lightbulb moments that seek to address the problem of:

"Look, I really want to put myself 'out there' on social media, but every time I do I freeze up and can't even remember my own name, let alone think of anything of value to say! What do I do?"

Hope you enjoy it and get something useful from it. 

Sending love and best wishes,


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