Want A Strategy To Stop Procrastinating? (Don't ask Google for the answer!)

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You're sitting at your desk with a list of stuff to get through. At some point, you notice you've gone off track and spent the morning busy doing 'stuff' but the real stuff (the stuff you really wanted to get done) remains largely untouched. 

And now frustration kicks in because that means you'll have to make up the time later when you'd much rather be sitting in the garden with a glass of something nice, or watching Netflix, or actually, just getting to bed on time! 

So, what to do about it? Well if you typed into Google (and I don't recommend you do) "how to stop procrastinating" you'd find that there are 5.7 million results that come up, with a range of (well-meaning) strategies - that if you tried them all you really wouldn't get anything done!

But rather than tools, techniques, and strategies which ultimately add more to your to-do list, let's go a little further upstream...

Procrastination happens because of a misunderstanding. 

When we mistake distracting thoughts as a call to action, that's when we deviate from what it is we really mean to do that day. 

The truth is thoughts are just...thoughts. Puffs of energy. Passing through. There's no rule that says we have to act on our thoughts. Sure, it seems real and very compelling in the moment, but it's nothing more than a clever illusion. 

And actually, you already experience thousands of thoughts a day that you don't act on, and the thoughts that you do act on, are no more special or important than those that you don't. Why? Because all thoughts are created equally. Really, all thoughts are created equally.

The good news is, if you are experiencing distracting thoughts, that's OK because a new thought will be along in a moment - literally just a moment. That's the nature of thought. Thoughts are temporary and fleeting and pass through quite effortlessly without you having to do anything. All thoughts fade. It's how the human operating system works. Every thought you've ever had faded away, without you having to do anything. 

Now, it's only when we pay attention to, or act on those thoughts, again and again - that's when it can become a bit of a thought habit - that's when the lower brain (our reptilian brain) catches on that it might be significant so develops a radar for those types of thoughts. 

But even then, and here's the funny thing about our reptilian brain (and I heard this from a video I watched by Dr. Amy Johnson), the reptilian brain is very skilled at producing urges, but it is not capable of acting on them. This part of the brain has no functionality for decision making or muscle movement. So it might bombard you with compelling thoughts to order something online that you don't need, or grab another coffee beyond your daily quota, but it has no functionality whatsoever to make the muscles in your body move to take the action!

Only *you* can do that.

I don't know about you, but I find it both wonderful and amusing to know that. 

It's a bit like having a rebellious back seat driver trying to make you jump a red light, yet they have no access to the accelerator or the steering wheel. Good luck with that, we say! 

So when you're trying to focus (and by the way, you don't need to feel motivated to get started, that's another misunderstanding too), you can relax knowing that distracting thoughts are not a call to action, just thoughts passing through. The less attention you give them, the quicker they'll move into the camp of all the multiple thousands of thoughts that pass through daily and don't get any airtime at all!   

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