Series 1: Ep. 35 Our Mastermind Group Lunchtime Chat

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This week is a little bit different to mark the end of Series 1. I’m part of a mastermind group, and we meet once a month, and after our meeting, we always enjoy lunch together.

In this episode, you’re going to be able to listen in to one of those lunchtime conversations, where the theme is all around the stories we tell ourselves and how it holds us back or has held us back in business.

Within that, it covers a range of juicy topics, all relevant to entrepreneurs no matter what stage you’re at - including perfectionism, comparison, money stuff, self-belief, and listening to your own intuition and wisdom when it comes to being in business.

I always get so much from these chats, just shooting the breeze, and I hope you do too, by having a little listen in to this particular one. 

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Sarah Swanton of Happy Healthy Entrepreneur

Happy listening folks and I hope you enjoy it.

About me, Sarah Swanton & Happy Healthy Entrepreneur

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