The problem what's the point? (and other things we say)

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If you've ever listened to The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast, or you receive my weekly newsletter, you'll often hear me talk about how the entrepreneurial journey is one big old rollercoaster ride - full of ups and downs, and twists and turns.

What you'll also hear me say is that the rocky ride is all quite normal and expected; and actually, the closer we can sail to the reality of that, the less likely we are to feel frustrated, fed up, or disappointed when things don't go our way.

But let's talk about the rocky bits for a moment. When things feel a bit scary, go wrong, or it's all just too damn hard! Those are the times we're more likely to begin our sentences with 

The problem is.. and end with so what's the point?

The problem is...I'm just not making enough what's the point?

The problem is...Facebook doesn't show any of my what's the point?

The problem is...there's just so much competition out what's the point?

What if I told you the 'problem' is not any of those things at all? You see, when we think in that kind of way, we're actually looking in the wrong direction. Where we need to be looking is inside, and focusing on our own level of resilience, in spite of that thinking.

The good news is, underneath all that unhelpful thinking, we're actually very resilient beings. Why? Because we're human. For one thing, we wouldn't still be here on this planet if weren't, right?

In fact, the quickest route to becoming a more resilient entrepreneur is to see problems less so as 'problems' and more so as challenges. A sudoku puzzle is not a problem, it's a challenge, as is training for a half marathon, trying a new recipe for the first time, and putting a piece of flat-pack furniture together (this will be me, this week!).

Now think about what would happen if we applied that same mindset approach to building a business too?

You see, as humans, we are far better at challenges than we are problems. Problems are pesky and wear us down. Challenges can fire us up and even get us excited. With challenges, we know that if we take a step by step approach, and combine that with a fairly good dose of patience, we will more than likely make some decent progress.

When we draw upon our innate resilience and see each problem as a challenge, there's not a lot we can't achieve in business, even things that feel impossible!

I hope you find this useful because if there's one thing I wish for us all as business owners, is that we realise we have all that we need within us to successfully navigate the 'inner journey' of being self-employed. 

Want to go further with this?

If you're finding that many of your conversations tend to begin with "the problem is" and end in "so what's the point" (or words to that effect) then check out my online course: Reignite Your Entrepreneur ResilienceIt's designed specifically for entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Finish what they start and become more of a consistent ‘completer finisher’;
  • Stop the urge to ‘give up’ every time something feels too hard;
  • Feel less overwhelmed and instinctively know how to move themselves out of that;
  • Make real progress in their business and feel like they're really getting somewhere;
  • Be less derailed by negative thinking so they feel more productive and there's more 'flow' to the day. 

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