Feel Like Giving Up? This may help...

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Do you get those days where you just feel like giving up?

Where everything feels really hard and you think to yourself, I'm just not cut out for this! 

It could be about something technical that's proving too difficult, or earning enough money to cover the bills each month, or even trying to juggle running a business alongside having a family. It can leave people feeling really frustrated, or even sad. Frustration is a strong emotion.

Maybe you go and eat something (that you're not really hungry for) or get lost in Facebook world for a while. Just to escape the feeling.  And of course, the answers are not on Facebook, or in a plate of biscuits, but yet we sometimes behave like they are, don't we? 

When things feel tough, challenging, or even impossible, it's a funny old human trait that we tend to walk in the opposite direction of where help actually is. Have you noticed that? When we are overcome with thoughts of wanting to give it all up with feelings of frustration and anger - those are the moments when - we just need to get quiet.

Imagine a snow globe. A snow globe that's been shaken vigorously; it's only when you set it down that the solution begins to clear again, and it can only do that when it's left alone. Only then, when you get quiet and things settle down, ask yourself the question...

How do I know I can't do this?

Do you actually, really, 100%, without a doubt know that you can't do this? It's an interesting question, isn't it? Think about this for a moment...

When you were three months old, did you know that you'd be able to speak one day?

When you were six months or did you know that one day you'd be able to read a book by yourself?

When you were two years old, did you know that one day you'd be able to get on a train by yourself, or use a computer or have a job?

No, you didn't. None of us knew that.  At that point in our life, none of us could possibly have known the things that we were going to go on and do. It's just not a concern for us. All we know at that point is to keep going, keep trying, keep moving, but it's not a conscious thing, we just do it.  And that persistence and determination that kids have, we have it too. We have it in bucket loads! The difference is we don't always see it, because that we've allowed a load of unhelpful thinking to get in the way of what was actually a perfectly good model for making consistent and daily progress.

But when we put the snowglobe down and come back to it later, we realise we are so much stronger than we think. 

There's a beautiful saying that's so apt and useful for entrepreneurs.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.” (Banksy)

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