Podcast Ep. 32 From Overweight & Depressed To Happy Healthy Entrepreneur: Byron Morrison

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This week, my guest on the podcast guest is Byron Morrison, as we talk about his journey from being 50 pounds overweight, depressed, and feeling unable to leave the house, to a much happier and healthier version of himself, and now helps others do the same. 

Byron is a Mindset Coach and is the founder of Tailored Lifestyles and author of the book Become a Better You - and he is on a mission towards helping change the way that this country uses and thinks about food, and showing others that a healthy lifestyle is achievable for all.

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Themes covered during our conversation:

  • How a cancer diagnosis for his dad, was a huge wake-up call for Byron in terms of his relationship to his own physical and mental health. 
  • The diet industry, diets and why they (really) don't work - we get a bit passionate about this one! 
  • Taking the pressure off 'should' when it comes to moving the body and exercise, and how to know what works for you. 
  • The importance of respecting a good night's sleep when it comes to running your own business, and how this impacts our emotional and physical health. 
  • Why 16+ hour days are not cool, despite some entrepreneur circles trying to tell us otherwise. (Another one we get passionate about!).
  • Byron's take on launching online courses and programmes and his thoughts on launching without burnout, lessons from experience. 

What Byron says:

"One of the biggest realisations that I've made over the last few years is that hour that you could use to go and make some healthy food or do some exercise, that when you put off, to do an extra hour's work, in the long run, does far more damage than good"

On launching programmes and products:

"Sometimes less is more, and you have to cut the fluff out and make sure you are focusing on solving the problem rather than trying to prove to yourself how much you know, from a burnout point of view, that was one of the biggest realisations I made."

Where you can learn more about Byron


Byron's book - Become A Better You. 

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