Blog Post: Focus On The Process, Not The Outcome

_If you focus on theprocess, you aremore likely to attain the outcome_.png

I've been reading George Kao's book Joyful Productivity, and I really like this quote: "If you focus on the process, you are more likely to attain the outcome."

I like it because as business owners, I think we sometimes (quite innocently) focus our attention in the wrong direction. We focus on: 
- Having enough money in our every month; 
- A diary full of clients;
- Every place sold on our online course;
- Having a best seller on Amazon;
- Losing weight.

Although these are all great outcomes to have, there is not one of them where we have sole and direct control over those outcomes (yes, even the weight one, *we* are not directly responsible for that process).

And so, when we focus our attention on the 'bit before all that happens' aka the process, then we are much more within a chance of getting somewhere.

Sometimes, we can want something without really considering what is *actually* involved to achieve that. Can you relate? I know I've done that plenty of times!

I often talk about 'the happy side effect' when I first start working with clients.

- A diary full of clients is the 'happy side effect' of consistently following a marketing plan. 
- Losing weight is the 'happy side effect' of mostly nourishing yourself with food your body can use, and moving the body regularly.

When we focus on the process, not only do we start to enjoy it, but we get good at it, and when the happy side effect happens i.e. the outcome, it can feel like a bit of a nice surprise, and (almost) like we got there quite effortlessly! 




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