Overwhelm and burnout: The ONE thing worth knowing that can stop that cycle.

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Earlier on today, I was reading an article about an entrepreneur who is up to some really cool things in Brighton, UK. This got my mind idly thinking back to when I used to live there, which led on to nostalgic feelings for my time there, and then before you know it, I'm on Rightmove browsing 3 bedroom properties in Hove!
Imagine if I didn't know that just because you have a thought, doesn't mean you have to act on it?
That's how it happens though isn't it? We have a thought, we take it on board as a CTA (call to action), and boom, life can take on a whole new direction just sparked from one thought, when all it really was, was a nice thought, passing through the system, making way for another nice thought, or a not so nice thought, and so on.
But when we don't know that it's just thoughts coming in, passing through the internal cinematic 4K and multisensory experience of our minds, the To Do lists we add to our already bulging workloads, it's no wonder we feel overwhelmed, and sometimes burn out.
Being able to discern between just a whimsical thought passing through, and that of a genuinely good, sensical idea is one of the most helpful things we can do for ourselves as a human being.
Because when you look at the stats assuming we experience one thought per second, that's 86,400 thoughts in a 24-hour cycle, repeated every single day, so isn't it a relief to know that there are thousands of thoughts you already don't pay attention to, quite naturally! 

Thanks for reading. I'm Sarah Swanton, Mindset & Wellbeing Coach and Co-Founder of www.808talent.com a Recruitment & Coaching consultancy. If something in this article resonates for you, you may be interested to know I provide private one to one coaching for men and women - helping them to find more clarity and less overwhelm in their life. For more information go to www.sarahswanton.com or to arrange a free consultation, click here.


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