"Wouldn't it be cool if...?"

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Hope you've had a good January? Here's what I've been up to...

Do you know that feeling when an idea pops in your head, quite unexpectedly, but makes total sense to you about what to do next? The long winter break gave me much pause for thought about the way I work, and what came to mind with such clarity was this - I don't want to work on my own anymore, or rather, I want to create something with other people.

What was interesting is that it didn't come from a place of dissatisfaction; as someone who enjoys time to myself and quite often craves peace and quiet, that wasn't the issue. No. This came from a place of wouldn't it be cool if...?

So since that moment of clarity, I've gently been moving and shifting things around, one step at a time, whilst regularly checking in with my wise old self is this what you meant? 

Here's what's come about so far...

Happy Healthy Entrepreneur has now become Happy Healthy...erm well, humans

Since coming across the Inside-Out understanding (and I will write or record something, soon explaining what this means!), I realise that this approach is relevant to every single human being on this planet.

Why? Because it explains how the mind works in a way that goes beyond labels, culture, upbringing, beliefs, age, gender and anything else that seeks to separate us from each other, and who we really are underneath all of that. It's both profound and simple. It helps my daughter who is seven, navigate friendships and fallouts, as much as it does my 95-year-old Granny-in-law feel less anxious as she navigates her ever-changing landscape.

It's so universal and relevant to everyone, that I'm moved to share this approach not just with entrepreneurs, but also with private companies and third sector organisations, with children, older people, and local communities - one slow step at a time! I remember Ian Watson, a brilliant teacher of the inside-out understanding once saying the only pre-requisite to working with someone is that they're a human being. Love that! 

Also, my husband Ben and I are working together more closely; towards the end of last year we got thinking and asked ourselves what would be really cool to do in 2019 and beyond?  We looked at our business 808 Talent, (a recruitment company in the broadcast and sports media tech space) with fresh eyes and realised what a great opportunity we have right here to bring consulting and coaching into the offering - creating a model designed to retain as well as attract the best talent for our clients. I delivered my very first workshop a couple of weeks ago with a really lovely bunch of people at a startup company based in Soho - I was there as part of their sales kick-off meeting talking about stress and how to thrive in a high pressured sales environment, all stuff I wish I'd known when I started working in sales back in '96! 

I've also been tinkering with my website which is now at www.sarahswanton.com and the Facebook Page which is www.facebook.com/SarahSwantonCoaching

How about you?

What comes to mind when you consider the thought wouldn't it be cool if..? Imagine for a moment that beliefs, barriers, (and niches) didn't get in your way - what space does that free up for you?

Do write and let me know in the comments! 

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