Rest, Reflect and Review

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This week’s podcast episode is the last one of 2018, and so I decided to do something slightly different to wrap it up. 

Last year, I led a workshop for Cambridge Business Women to help them get reflective about their year they’d just and enjoy being in a space of feeling creative and gently excited about the year ahead.  I was delighted to hear that people found it really useful - so I thought it would be useful to share the workshop content with you too - call it a little festive gift from me to you, and a big thank you for being around this year either as a client, a podcast listener or subscriber of these emails. 

Listen to the podcast right here >>

I think the reason this workshop works so well is that quite often we become conditioned in our businesses to focus on striving for more, it’s all about getting ‘there’, quite often we seem to put the spotlight on what we haven’t achieved, rather than all that we have.

This is about putting the spotlight on what we have achieved, and celebrating that!

So when you listen, I invite you to put your logical, rational thinking to one side and allow that more creative, reflective part of you to emerge so that you can get the most out of it. 

What you’ll find is by going through this process, it will help you access a helpful, resourceful and creative state of mind, in order to move gently into 2019, feeling grounded, centred and focused.

**One important thing - PLEASE do not listen to this when driving!**

Instead, wait until you are home in a nice calm space with a notepad and pen, perhaps put on some music that you love...?

Wishing you a wonderful and restful festive season!

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