Tired Of Trying To 'Think Positive' All The Time?

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Tired of trying to 'think positive' all the time? 
That's understandable. Trying to think positive all the time or change your negative thoughts into positive ones is a losing game. 
The reality is we don't get to choose what thoughts pop into our head. They just do. That's the nature of thought. If you are a living and breathing human, you will experience thousands of thoughts each and every day (it's been estimated up to 70,000-80,000 thoughts a day), of which some will feel positive, some negative, and some neutral.  So 'negative thought' is part of the human experience, and thinking you can change that, goes against nature.
It's not the fact that we think negative thoughts that are the problem, it's that we've come to believe that those thoughts *mean* something more than just thought, that's the problem. 
Just because a negative or unhelpful thought about you or anyone else, pops into your head, doesn't make that thought true or real. Even though it's popped into *your* head, (and so therefore looks, feels and sounds true and real), still doesn't make *it* true or real.
Just because you have a thought that looks and feels very real, doesn’t mean you have to:
- pay attention to it,
- accept it;
- believe it,
...and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to act on it, unless... it truly makes sense to you, and it fits in with the direction in which you want to head in your life, your work, your health, or for the good of your relationships.
Because what is a thought, really? Well, in it's purest state, it's merely a puff of energy passing through the system, it has no *matter* to it.
Thought gets brought to life by our internal cinematic experience, and then it's gone again, onto the next thought.
When we remember that all thought is just our own version of our own film playing out inside our minds 24 hours a day (yes, dreams are thoughts too), that's when our mind settles down, and we can enjoy the moment to moment experience of being in life, just like we do when we watch a film. We don't need to change the film, rewrite the script, or tinker with the machinery that brings us the film!
In any given moment, we have a multi-sensory, cinematic experience of the content of our thinking, but when you know it's just a moving picture passing through the 'system' - then you feel less inclined to act on the scary bits.
That in itself can save you an incredible amount of time, money, headspace, and mess to clear up later on after you wake up to the realization that you didn’t need to act on any thought that wasn't helpful to you.
I talk about thoughts and how they don't have to be a 'call to action' in this podcast episode which you can access here
Hope you enjoy it, and let me know how you get on! 
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