What Becomes Possible When We Throw Away The Rule Book?

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When it comes to creating content, I love writing, I enjoy speaking, and I love creating videos.

Yet I don’t have time to write a blog, record a podcast, and create a video each and every week, when would I have time for coaching clients, running my group programmes, and working on new ideas?


Instead of forcing myself to choose one and stick to that, I thought 'how can I get around this?'

Then the idea came to me - 'why do you even need to choose?'

Who says you can't record a podcast one week, the next week, write a blog, and alternate like that?

Then a thought swept across me of - but my podcast *should* go out weekly’ and I thought well what kind of made up rule is that?

Made up self-imposed rule, that's what.

I'd heard ALL the messages out there about how to build a business, mixed them with the insecure thoughts in my own head and made them true.

How freeing is it when you realise so much of how you spend your week is because of self-imposed made up rules of snippets you’ve heard along the way so far?

When actually isn’t it all just an experiment? Building a business. Communicating your message. Serving your clients. It's all one big experiment. Finding out what works, in a way that feels good to you. That's not to say sometimes the way you *really* want to do it feels daunting, or even scary (that's a post for another time), but even that's NOT a reason not to do it.

So I've found a way to do it *all* without feeling overwhelmed or it taking up any more time than usual. Blog one week, podcast the next, with off-the-cuff videos here and there...and so it goes on.

There is also a happy side effect of all this. Putting out content less frequently, (I think) contributes to reducing the 'overconsumption' society we have become, and if you're anything like me - someone who loves to challenge the status quo - that makes people like us very happy indeed!



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