What To Do About The Fear of 'What If' Coming True

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It's often been said that as humans, we are born with two fears only - the fear of heights and the fear of loud noises, which if that's true then everything else is a learned behaviour, which is good to know, right?
Worry in its simplest sense is a misuse of the imagination. As humans, we developed imagination as a resource to provide practical solutions to our problems.
So in other words, imagination is a very valuable tool to help us creatively navigate our way through life’s challenges and problems. It’s just that somewhere along the way, we began to use it to scare ourselves by making stuff up about the future, and then believing it!
We are a lot of things, but we are not fortune tellers, yet most of us behave like that on a daily basis, don't we?? tired_face
We can usually spot when we are going into worry mode because it starts with “what if”
* What if I do this and it doesn’t work?
* What if people laugh at me?
* What if it all goes wrong?
So if “stop worrying” doesn’t work, what does?
Imagine the thing that you are worried about, actually coming true, but you being OK with that?
There is a you that can deal with it resourcefully, and comfortably. Even though it is happening, you are OK with it.
As you're imagining this thought, maybe you even notice your shoulders are naturally feeling more relaxed, and perhaps even your breathing has slowed down, just slightly?
You see, the issue isn't about whether the 'thing' comes true, the issue is that you think you couldn't handle it if it did.
And the truth is you could handle it - and probably have handled fears coming true, many many times in your life's history.
Because what would happen is what always happens: something automatic would step in for you and help you out.
Resilience. Creativity. Improvisation. Humour.
Your innate intelligence, it's inbuilt and has your back, always has, always will and that can feel very comforting to know, that whatever happens, you'll be OK.


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