Seeing Through 'Imposter Syndrome' (all of it!)

900x600 imposter syndrome.png

For far too long now, the feelings of 'imposter syndrome' has hoodwinked many brilliant and talented people into believing they are frauds and do not deserve to occupy the place they have reached in life as well as business.

...and what a shame! 

That said, the feelings of 'imposter' are so incredibly believable and compelling that when people experience them, it's no wonder they pay attention and act on those feelings - often either by retreating into the darkness or stepping on to the wheel of fighting it by engaging in more study, more learning, and working harder than most.

As sustainable and sensible strategies go, it doesn't help business growth and tends to leave one feeling frustrated and burned out.

So, what to do about it? Because if it's hoodwinking up to 70% of human beings who walk this planet, then that's a lot of tired and dissatisfied people! 

On The Happy Healthy Entrepreneur Podcast this week, I seek to shine a light on helping people understand the truth behind what's really going on when it comes to experiencing those imposter feelings, so that you not only see through it but that it doesn't have anywhere near as much 'hold' over decisions you make and opportunities that arise for you, as it might have done up to now. 

If this sounds interesting you can listen to the episode directly from my website, or via Apple Podcasts, or RSS feed is here

Do hope you enjoy it. 



Emma Sharman Oct 22, 2018 11:55am

Great advice as always! Will definitely make listening to your Podcasts a must. Sadly I don't have iTunes (Android user) so can't put a review on there!

Sarah Swanton Staff Oct 25, 2018 04:15pm

Thank you for saying so, Emma. That's great to hear.  Aw, yes. What app do you listen to your podcast through? I've been thinking I need to widen the net further than just iTunes.