The One Thing You Can Count On In Life

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Earlier this week, I went for a routine check-up appointment with my dentist. As I was sitting in the waiting room, the radio was playing and I heard a really old, but familiar song, which made me think 'I wonder what age I was when I first heard this song?' I came to the conclusion it was probably eight or nine, and my mind naturally wandered to what I was up to, in life, around that time.

Then the song finished, and another one came on, and again I wondered 'what age?' - probably late teens. Then another came on and I did the same (yes, the dentist was having a busy day!), and so I ended up thinking about all these various times in my life, at which point I had a realisation. 

That realisation was this:  throughout all of these times, in my life's history - there was one constant. Me. I was there for all of it. Every single moment of my life, I was there. Every pickle I got myself into, I was there to get myself out of it.

People come and go, situations and events come and go, but throughout all of it, there's *you* experiencing it all first hand. The good, the not so good and everything in between. 

And so, you can count on you. You can count on you. Wherever you go, there you are. Showing up for yourself. Being there. You'll always be there for you. 

Whatever happens, you'll be there - for you. Always. 

Comforting to know, right?

That whatever happens, you'll be OK, because you always have been.

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